‘Turkey, Kurds, France and Freemasonic Messianism’, ‘Turkey, Kurds, Anglo-French Freemasonry, Islam, and Orientalism’, and ‘Turkey and ‘Kurdistan’: How to Outfox the Anglo-French Freemasonic Plot’

In three earlier articles, entitled ‘Turkey, Kurds, France and Freemasonic Messianism’, ‘Turkey, Kurds, Anglo-French Freemasonry, Islam, and Orientalism’, and ‘Turkey and ‘Kurdistan’: How to Outfox the Anglo-French Freemasonic Plot’, we emphasized that Turkey’s Kurdish issue consists in just a facet of a far more crucial problem, namely a long lasting Anti-Ottoman and Anti-Turkish conspiracy geared for the eschatological needs of an Apostate Freemasonic Lodge that controls the colonial establishments of France and England.

We identified the reasons of the Kurdish problem as both, internal and external, and we proposed, as remedy for the internal reasons, the transformation of Turkey into a new, multicultural state; we asserted that a similar development would deprive the interfering colonial powers from significant internal support that has been mobilized in Turkey by the agents of France and England, who portray themselves as advocators of an otherwise non-existent Kurdish nation.

We then placed the Kurdish problem within a far wider context, namely the surface of the Ottoman Empire, and finally we contextualized everything within the circumference of the Orient, a created concept that comprises parts of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. We suggested that Turkey should prepare for a long perspective battle of primarily academic, cultural, educational, intellectual and socio-behavioural character, targeting first to refute the fake division Orient vs. Occident, and second to reject the Western system of Humanities as misrepresentation of the History of the Mankind.

All this as a vast academic – intellectual project may require thousands of specialists involved in each of many cooperating countries in Asia and Africa. If the effort of eliminating the Colonial, Anglo-French, Freemasonic pseudo-History of the Mankind is not undertaken, the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge will be left with a great privilege that they will never cease to use at the prejudice of Turkey and all the rest. In this regard, we asserted that when a country has been the century-long target of adversary establishments, it is disastrous of this country’s rulers to imagine that they would thwart the plot by means of a short term policy.

We then enumerated the proper targets for Turkey’s global strategy that should be directed against the Anglo-French establishment and generate great obstacles for the plans of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge. Presenting suggestions per geopolitical area, we described what the targets of a Turkish policy should be as regards Europe, Germany, Russia and America. In the present article, we will complete the presentation by focusing on Turkey’s policy in Asia and Africa.

It would be essential to mention at this point that Turkey should view its relations with Russia, India and China holistically; we mentioned briefly Turkey’s proper policy toward Russia, as it also hinges on Turkey’s relations with Europe. However, it would be necessary for these four countries to enter into an alliance of Peace and Concord in Asia, and to expand their cooperation in Africa, working together the US, against the colonial structures set and still defended by France and England.

Turkey – Russia – India – China

Turkey’s top interests impose a new geopolitical vision for the greater Asiatic landmass. There are many issues on which the four countries’ interests are parallel; issues pertaining to Energy, Global Power and Strategic Stability, Environment, Development and National Identity and Culture bring these four countries into a logical mutual agreement and defense treaty. It would be wrong to see in this an Anti-American attitude. Turkey and India are two countries with traditionally good relations with America.

America should even favor the rise of an Asiatic Alliance that would help outmaneuver the Anti-American tendency of the European Union. Contrarily to what many believe, the Anti-American nucleus of the EU is not the ostensible and superficial axis Paris – Berlin, but the secretive and profound bond Paris – London.

This means that that the same Anglo-French colonial establishment, which is known for its Anti-Ottoman and Anti-Turkish empathy, pursued policies against:

1. America – they never accepted the existence of America as a reality, and their anti-American policies comprised all methods that could possibly either destroy America or make the US depart from the Principles and Values of the Founding Fathers, either use the States in their favor (WW I, WW II, Cold War) or manage to engage the US administration to wars of attrition (Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq). Creating a false problem in order to push America to solve it, and damage the US in the process is all the Anglo-French genius in its splendid inhumanity.

2. India – they perceived Indians, Hindus or Muslims, Sigh or Parsi, in culturally and racially discriminatory terms.

3. Russia – they intended, for centuries, to prevent Russia from having free access to harbours in the Southern Seas (Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean), fueling internal strives in Asia (Ottoman Empire vs. Russia, Russia vs. Safevid Iran, Ottoman Empire vs. Iran, Iran vs. Mogul India, Japan vs. Russia, etc)

4. China – this was the top target of the pre-WW I colonial powers; in 1910 – 14, Russia, Japan, Germany, Austria – Hungary, America, England, France were all present there, and were desperately trying to figure out balanced ways to divide China into many zones of influence. Finally, Japan got maximum benefit of the propinquity, and of the severe exhaustion of resources that WW I caused to all warring parts (except America), and progressively invaded the entire coastal part of China.

America must understand that in order to prevail in North and South America (where England mobilizes all sorts of combinations of forces to oppose the US) and expand its sphere of influence in Africa and Australia, a cooperation with all the major Asiatic forces is needed; as a matter of fact, peace and stability in Asia is key to America’s global success.

Asia must therefore rise as the central landmass of the global economy, and the interconnection of its parts must advance in parallel with the cooperation of the four greater land forces. Japan, despite its financial strength, and Indonesia, despite its population, are peripheral to Asia. This does not mean that they have to be ignored by the four central powers of the Asiatic Alliance; on the contrary, they must be integrated in the process by means of numerous projects.

Everything however hinges on the corridors of energy that are to be shaped in the coming few years, and on the highways and the railways that have to bring China and East Siberia closer to Moscow, Istanbul, Yemen, and the Indian South.

With Turkey mounting a Union of Turkic Countries, Russia and China will not be threatened; on the contrary, Russia will get closer to the South and China will be closer to the West.

With Turkey expanding in, and reshaping, the Middle East and the Iranian Plateau, a new, secular and multicultural version of Islam will be diffused, not only in the area of the Turkic speaking Central Asiatic countries, the Iranian Plateau, and the Middle East, but also among the Muslims of Russia and China, and the hundreds of millions of Muslims of the Subcontinent (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are home to more than 450 million of Muslims).

The cooperation among all the members of the Asiatic Alliance should cover all levels, culture, economy, science, politics, religion, communication, education, defense, space, etc. All the members of the Asiatic landmass should converge through extensive academic programs, governmental and social cooperation, mutual investment plans, energy resources’ rational partition, and vast cultural exchanges that would minimize any non-Asiatic influence and impact on any part of Asia.

Eliminating any regime that would function as local agent of European colonial powers would be key to the final success.

Pulling Germany into the great Asiatic landmass reunification will be the foremost factor of ultimate success; not only the Dream Berlin – Baghdad should be revivified, but Germany should be conceptualized as the Epitome of the Orient where the real markets for the German exports are to be located.

An Asiatic Union should rise at the end to guarantee peace, stability, progress and development, solidarity and fraternity among the regrettably dissociated members of the vast landmass that have long been the undeserved victims of colonial exploitation and the unfortunate targets of inhuman hatred. Parts of Eastern Europe should also be accepted to minimize as much as possible the scope of the victims of the Anglo-French plot.

A Turkish Policy for Africa

Before the rise of the Anglo-French colonialism in Africa, the Ottoman territories on the Black Continent constituted the largest African empire throughout six millennia of African History. Of course, contrarily to the alien Anglo-French colonials, the Ottoman Empire was the authentic and representative political institution for all the African Muslims from Algeria to Egypt and thence to Somalia and Tanzania.

For more than 300 years, the Ottoman Empire was in Africa far more successful and much better embedded than the Roman Empire, and the Christian Eastern Roman Empire.

Among all Islamic political institutions that controlled parts of the Black Continent, the Ottoman Empire lasted longer, and was far closer to the average people, who were very enthusiastic in their support of, and contribution to, the academic, intellectual, military, and political activities of the vast Caliphate.

Egyptians excelled in the Observatory of Istanbul, Algerians led the naval battles against the Spaniards, and the Somalis developed great political institutions in the name of the Sultan. All this reality has been kept secret because of the perverse educational systems set up by the alien French and British, who tried to diffuse through the selected local agents – traitors that the Ottomans had been foreign to, and disregarded, Africa.

By definition Turkey, as Ottoman derivative political institution, is better placed than India, Russia or China to conceptualize and share with its Asiatic partners an Anti-Colonial, ‘Oriental’ Vision of colonial-free, Liberated and Democratic Africa where all will have their place, and the colonial falsehood and perversion will be erased. It is in Africa where Turkey, with the help of America, Russia, India and China, will take a definite revenge over France and England, helping local peoples to achieve Independence and Nation-Building, Democracy and Development.

It will be essential for Turkey to explain to America and the three Asiatic giants that, as in Europe and in Asia, wider unions can only be achieved in Africa after the liberation of oppressed peoples and a thorough Nation-building effort. Afro-Asiatic interconnectedness will be essential in this regard and the African Americans will have to play a major role in re-writing the erratic White History of the Mankind that equally threatens:

1. the formation of the African Identity

2. the Ideals of the American Founding Fathers

3. the Weltanschauung of German Humanism

4. the Values of the Italian Renaissance Universalism

5. the Doctrines of Oriental Christianity and Islam

6. the Ottoman and Islamic Heritage

7. the Moral Order of Hinduism

8. the Buddhist Ethics

9. the Moral Prescriptions of Confucianism, and

10. the Need of the Mankind to explore the African Kushitic Originality

Thus, Turkey coming back to Africa 500 years after the arrival of Sultan Selim I, will bring Peace at Home and Peace in the World, by giving to our Global world the Universal Values of the Ottoman Empire, the world’s most tolerant major state before the rise of America.


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